Jointing Repair Mortar SF 02 - 1K

Jointing Repair Mortar SF 02 - 1K

The so-called joint repair mortar SF 02 - 1K is suitable for joint repair as well as for initial jointing of all paved surfaces and slabbed surfaces made of natural stone, concrete stone and clinker. It is characterized by very fast setting, hardening and very high mechanical values. Therefore, SF 02 - 1K allows very early loading after joint repair of surfaces with intact bedding. It meets or exceeds the requirements according to FGSV bulletin M FPgeb 2018, and is designed up to load class 3.2 according to RStO 12.

Available in 3 standard colours: light grey, medium grey and dark grey. Other technically feasible colours can be produced upon request (minimum purchase of 2.4 tons).

Joint repair

STEIN TEC® Joint Repair Mortar SF 02 - 1K is particularly suitable for joint repairs, if the repaired surfaces have to be put back into use as soon as possible. It is important to have an intact superstructure with sufficient load-bearing capacity to withstand the subsequent loads. The remaining "old grout" must be intact and have sufficient mechanical properties, and must tightly enclose the existing covering elements. The application of the repair mortar on unbonded bedding is possible only for existing pavements with a long service life and areas subject to low loads. Since the latter case always involves risks, it is imperative that a separate agreement be reached with our technical department and the respective client.

New jointing

In case of new jointing, we recommend application in combination with STEIN TEC® Concrete Mortar BM 04 S and, if applicable, STEIN TEC® Adhesive Haftfix. In combination with these products, STEIN TEC® SF 02 - 1K enables a very early loadable system.


accelerated setting/ hardening
early loadable
high compressive strength
high adhesive tensile strength
high water-permeability
frost and de-icing agent resistant
low-shrinkage and low-stress
polymer modified
very good processability
self compacting
easy cleansing of surface after grouting


The grouting should take place – depending on the weather – one day after, at the latest 48 hours after the laying. If the grouting is possible only at a later date, please contact our technology department to come to an agreement.

The processing is normally done using the silting method. The surface to be silted shall be well pre-moistened (no stagnant water in the joints). Mix STEIN TEC® Joint Repair Mortar SF 02 – 1K in the positive mixer or by stirring device with clear cold water only (added amount see Technical Bulletin or imprint on bag) in flowable texture and free from lumps. Immediately afterwards bring the jointing mortar into the joints using a rubber slider slowly and accurately. Keep the silted surface constantly wet by a soft jet of water until the cleansing. After sufficient thickening of the joint repair mortar, clean the surface by a soft water jet or a belt cleaning machine.

The grouted surface must be after-treated. For further information see Technical bulletin STEIN TEC® Joint Repair Mortar SF 02 – 1K.

Die Verarbeitung erfolgt anschliessend im Einschlämmverfahren analog allen STEIN TEC Fugenmörtel: