Product description

STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix" is a hydraulically binding, polymer-modified, highly processed adhesive bonding mortar with application-specific mineral and organic additives. STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix" is available as bag ware. It is especially designed to increase the adhesive tensile strength of slabbed surfaces as well as of element surfaces with high load requirements, in general. “Haftfix” can also be used to improve the adhesive bond of bedding mortar on e.g. concrete foundations or concrete ceilings etc. (if applicable, consider water permeability!).

Using STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix", the adhesive tensile strength of the composite zone between surface and bedding is increased multiplicatively. High adhesive tensile strength is decisive for the load capacity and the durability of bonded element surfaces. It ensures, that tensions as a result of loads and thermal stress can be transferred evenly to the subsurface, which enables to largely avoid crack formation.

STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix" is available as bag ware in 25 kg bags.

The required layer thickness of the bond adhesive is approx. 2 to 2,5 mm, which equates to a consumption of approx. 2 kg per m2.


  • single-component
  • mineral base
  • polymer-modified
  • very high adhesive tensile strength / adhesive power
  • Accelerated hardening
  • early loadable
  • frost-resistant
  • good processability

Important information

If concrete blocks, slabs and, in general, elements with smooth and even (e.g sawn) underneaths are used, STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive Haftfix should be applied additionally.

Paving blocks, slabs and contact surfaces that shall be treated with "Haftfix", must be clean, i.e. free from dust, grease, oil, adhesions and impurities (e.g. cutting or grinding slurry). If bond adhesive should get onto the surface of elements, these must be replaced. Complete removing of bond adhesive residues is hardly possible.

Suitability for storage 3 months in dry cool rooms.

You can download the Technical bulletin here.


STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix" shall be mixed only with clear cold water (added amount see Technical Bulletin or imprint on bag), either by a stirring device or in the positive mixer, free of lumps. Stir up intensively again after 3 minutes of “maturing time”. Pot life approx. 60 minutes at 20° C.

The processing takes place "Fresh-in-Fresh" by dipping the elements underneath/contact surface into the bond adhesive, immediately before the laying. If dipping is not possible, apply bond adhesive by a broad brush or a stiff scrubber onto the clean elements underneath.

For further information, see Technical bulletin STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix".


Mixing of STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix" by a stirring device.


Dipping of a concrete block into STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix".


Dipping of a granite slab into STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix".


Granite slab, dipped into STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix".


Setting of a slab, dipped into STEIN TEC® Bond Adhesive "Haftfix", using a vacuum lifter.


Granite slab with "Haftfix" after setting in into STEIN TEC® Bedding Mortar BM 04.